Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wear Test: Wet&Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel in Condensed Milk

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Today I have the results of a 4 day (can you see what direction this review is headed in?) wear test of Wet&Wild's new 1-Step Wonder Gel line.

In case you haven't heard of it yet, this is Wet&Wild's take on the no light, no curing gel polish trend. Sally Hansen and other drug store polish brands, like Cover Girl, have put out their versions, too.

I recently read a review that the Wet&Wild version had great staying power so when I saw a 40% off sale at my local Rite Aid, I snapped up the most neutral color - Condensed Milk - to try and review for you.

First impression: the color of the cap did not (at all!) match the polish.

Here is the cap with the color name:


Doesn't it look like it should be a flattering tan? Well, it's not. Sigh. Certainly not the first, or last, misleading label, so not a deal breaker at all, but I did want to point that out to you.

Full disclosure: I usually do my nails in sub-par lighting. My living room is perpetually dark (ugh) but I've done my nails so many times that I am pretty good even in semi-darkness. When I finished and took my first photo, I got this:


But when I woke up the next morning and saw my nails again, I saw this:


Welcome to Streaky City, Population: 1.  Well, technically 10 since I used this for a full mani.


Oh! I do want to add that I used just two coats. Shouldn't I need just two coats?! I also did NOT use a basecoat, as I saw mentioned in reviews, and I DID use a topcoat, also as seen in reviews I have read. The polish didn't seeeeeeeem streaky during application, but clearly, the photos speak for themselves.

And, four days later:


Well. Not good. I usually get much longer, tip wear free, manicures with regular polish and a good top and base coat. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary (no fingers only mountain climbing), so it was not an unfair or rigorous test at all. Heck, it's summer, and I didn't even hit the beach or get salt water on my hands. Literally, nothing weird/different/NO REASON FOR THIS MUCH TIPWEAR and chipping.

Check out the comparison:


In conclusion: I am not a fan.

Although I ended up really liking the color, I see zero difference in how long this lasted versus regular polish. In fact, the wear test was worse, for me, than regular polish. I would not re-purchase this and do not plan to buy any more colors from this line.

Have you tried it? Did you get different results? Would you recommend I try again with a basecoat?


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