Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New To Me Indie: O My Jewels - Pink Champagne and Pretty In Pink

Hello there!

Today I have two gorgeous polishes from a new-to-me indie company called O My Jewels! I am impressed with the variety of colors and finishes already offered by this brand. I have a sparkly polish and a creme polish to show you today...(and some nail art on Friday!).

Check them out on Facebook HERE!

Bottle shot!


Gorgeous, right? Let's see them on the nails!

Here is Pink Champagne:

I did two easy coats of Pink Champagne. I am not the biggest fan of this brush, as it seems slightly fluffy and holds a lot of polish. Make sure to wipe it off well before application!





Next up, Pretty In Pink is a gorgeous pastel pink creme. I was not expecting this amaaaazing formula! Pastels are notorious for being streaky - not this one! This is two coats, but it pretty much only needed one. What an awesome creme polish!





Both of these are beauties that I am happy to have!

Go to O My Jewels to check out the other awesome polishes available, and come back here on Friday for some fun nail art using these polishes. Follow on Facebook HERE!


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