Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mod Lacquer: Ancient Alien and Serenity

Woo hoo - indie post!

Today I have two polishes for you from Mod Lacquer, a very cool indie polish company. One of the two, Serenity, was gifted to me, and the other, Ancient Alien, I purchased because the color is just so interesting! Let me show you both today!

First up, here is Serenity.


Such a sweet polish and total on brand with me, haha! This is a pastel pink with lightly scattered holo. I am a huge fan of this polish - who is surprised?

The formula is perfect. No streaks, pulling, nothing that you may expect with a pastel. The color is girly and pretty and the holo adds another dimension of girly prettiness. Win!


One of my favorite aspects about a holo polish is that it is a secret. Outside you see the holo in full effect, but inside, like at my office, you may not see that hidden inner sparkle. Here is an inside shot, no flash, to show you how "normal" and office appropo this could look.


Next, take a look at the beauty that is Ancient Alien.


It's like that dress! What color is it, really? Copper? Rose gold? Regular gold? Pink?


And look at this one, WITHOUT FLASH!



That light, flash looking reflection is actually my light in my lightbox, not a flash.



Aren't they both just gorgeous? I am definitely looking forward to trying more from this brand! Even though Serenity should be my go-to choice, there is something about Ancient Alien that is so cool and unique - that one is my pick!

Which do you like best?


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