Monday, August 8, 2016

Flormar Matte 04 (Jade) and Maybelline ColorShow Jewels Precious Pearl

Matte polish and a glitter topper! I am trying to branch out from just creme polish posts, so I hope you're enjoying these.

Today I have Flormar Matte in M04. It's a matte jade polish, honestly, and almost a seafoam green color. I swapped for this color because it is the exact color that my childhood bedroom was painted! Memories just flooded in when I saw this color posted, and only got more intense when I saw it in person.

Am I the only crazy person who has swapped for a polish because the color is sentimental!? Probably...

But anyway, here it is!


As it is a matte polish, and a pastel, I expected Streak City and I got Streak City. See how patchy the macro is?


I don't even care though, this color is my childhood everything right now, so I love it!


Last shot:


In the interest of swatching some untried polishes, I grabbed Precious Pearl from the Maybelline Color Show Jewels collection (phew - that's a mouthful!!) to try over the M04 color.


Precious Pearls is an all white glitter topper in a clear base. It features white hex in a variety of sizes, from tiny microglitters to bigger pieces that have to be fished out of the bottle. I applied just one coat with the dip and dab method.


I am a huge fan of black and white toppers, so this all white one is pretty cool. My all time favorite will always be Lynderella's Love, Lace, and Lilacs, but this is an inexpensive, easier to find version that really does the trick.



And there you have it!  I actually love the combo of the two. The clear base in Precious Pearls does ruin the matte effect of M04 but it actually looks better shiny and less patchy, I think.

What do you think? Have you tried other Flormar matte polishes? Are they all similarly streaky?


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