Friday, August 19, 2016

Dupe Post: Kylie Cosmetics Leo vs. ColourPop Creature & Lax

Today I have a dupe post for you...with makeup!  I really want to add makeup to my blog, as it is called My Boyfriend Hates Makeup, it only makes sense.

I have been oogling over Kylie Cosmetics lip kits for a while, but that $40 shipped price tag is a little (ok, a LOT) too high for me.

Intro: ColourPop! I tried CP when they first came out, but as I have not been a huge lipstick fan (thank you to my horrible ex who hated any color on the lips), I hadn't purchased from CP again.

With my single life (not anymore) firmly in place from May - July, I happened to place a few CP orders for some gorgeous matte lippies.

I really wanted a dark one, though, but wasn't sure about CP colors. What I reallllly wanted (I know, I know) was Kylie's lip kit in Leo, as I am a Leo myself, it was advertised as LE, and it was dark.  As you know, getting Kylie kits are nearly impossible, so while I sat through the que to try to snag Leo, I purchased Lax, an Ultra Matte liquid lipstick, and Creature, the matching Lippie Pencil, from ColourPop.

Imagine my surprise when I was able to check out on Kylie's website!


Hello, Gold Box!


Hello, ColourPop beauties!

Shall we swatch and compare?


The ColourPop products are the second liquid lipstick and the bottom liner. The Kylie kit is the top liquid lipstick swatch and top liner.

Dupes? No way!


Lax is much deeper and Creature is much darker! Do you need both? Probably not, unless you loove dark reds like this.

Am I keeping both? Hopefully not. I wanted the Kylie kit so badly that I used it!

Hopefully I can sell Lax and Creature but as they are part of the permanent line, most people who want them will just buy them from the site. Womp, womp. (Honestly, I should've sold the Kylie kit for a sick profit buuuut I like to enjoy my items!)


AAAAAAH. Weird face photo! I am wearing the Kylie Leo liner and liquid lipstick. My boyfriend doesn't like it, LOL. Go figure! Kind of a weird pic tho, I look a little comatose...

I actually sent this pic to my boyfriend and a couple female friends. He didn't like it, but of course, all the women did! Again, go figure. :)

What do you think?


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