Wednesday, August 10, 2016

China Glaze Float On & Digital Nails Showtime, Synergy

Another glitter topper! I am on a roll!

Today I have Showtime, Synergy to show you from Digital Nails, which is an awesome indie polish company in Austin, TX. Digital Nails seems to specialize in fandom polishes with nerdy and fun names. I have tried only a few Digital Nails polishes but I have loved them all.

Let's take a look!

First, I used two coats of Float On by China Glaze. Nothing special about this - just a pastel medium pink creme that I hadn't tried yet.



I love CG cremes but I know I lot of you do not. This one is decent though the color is not special. Pass if you don't need to have this color.

Now, onto Showtime, Synergy, which I can no longer find on the website. This, I thought, was a clear base with magenta and purple glitters. I thought it would look fun and feminine over Float On.



Oh! I did not realize the base was tinted. This is a mini bottle that I have had for a while now, so I wonder if it was a tinted base to begin with? Or a booboo that has happened over time?


This is one coat over Float On. The formula of the polish still feels perfect. It flowed on nicely to the nail and the uniform glitters were easy to get on the nail with no effort.


I bet this would look awesome over black!


And a last look! Look at the edge of my nail - you can see how much the base has tinted up. Anyone have this and know if that is how it is supposed to be?


And there you have it! I'd be interested to learn about the base issue I am having with this beauty but until then, I will try again over black!

If you have it, please let me know about your base (and no treble).


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