Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sephora PLAY! July 2016

Oops! It's almost the end of July and I didn't show you my Sephora PLAY! box yet!

Let's get right to it!


This month's theme was "effortless," which I don't necessarily get behind, LOL. I know a lot of people tone down their beauty routine in the summer...but I don't! I am glam no matter what! Clearly, I ditch the makeup when I hit the beach, but still.


This bag is silly. I really wish it came in boxes, like my first month did. Boxes are much more useful. That's just my two cents.


Sweeeeet! What bronzer lovah doesn't love the Chocolate Soleil line from Too Faced? I was a little surprised they sent medium/deep instead of a more universal shade, but it is still an quality product. I have one already, however, and it's way too deep for me to use as anything but an eyeshadow, so I did swap this one.


I know a lot of people are disappointed with perfume samples but it was the 6th item included, so maybe Sephora is hearing the criticism and improving on it. I don't get to the store often at all, so I don't mind the samples, personally. This smelled lemony and fresh!


Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer is another welcome addition! I love primers and try a variety of brands. Smashbox is one of the best! I've been having big pore issues this summer so I've been using this since I received it. I do want to purchase a full size (when I run out of the billions of primers I have...).


First Aid Beauty is another brand that I have had some luck with in the past, so I was excited to see this cleanser. I have used it a few times and although I do enjoy it, I am really loving my LUSH Ultrabland still and will probably stay with that - it's just so moisturizing!


This wave spray by Ouai is a generous sample! It isn't something I'll use (for my stick straight, wont curl or wave EVER), so I will swap this away.


Last but not least, Sephora included the blotterazzi blotting cushion by Beauty Blender. WTF is a blotting cushion? When I posed this question on social media, a few of you responded and said it's like a blotting linen for your purse and the full size comes with a holder. AHHHH.


So, here...there is no holder or case. What to do with it? Also, the thought of re-using a blotting "cushion" seems kinda yucky to me. Furthermore, Sarah Jessica Parker once said to use a coffee filter for the same reason, but much cheaper. Even furthermore, I use setting powder. This will get swapped, too.


So, there you have it. I am loving the Smashbox primer and I like the cleanser. Beyond that, these products are not really for me and I plan to swap 50% of the content. Womp, womp. I am still a huge fan of the PLAY! box though, and am looking forward to next month.


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