Friday, July 22, 2016

Nail Art! Tone On Tone Florals Featuring Orly Flawless Flush!

Again, I must ask the question. Do decals count as nail art? If not, I fail. If so, I win!


I wasn't sure about this tone-on-tone floral mani but once it was finished, I must say, I liked it! I began with two coats of Flawless Flush by Orly, a lovely muted lavender with a subtle shimmer.



Then I used tweezers to apply these floral stickers from I purchased them a few months ago and if you can't find them on the site, you'll find plenty of other similar stickers. The pink shade of the sticker and the lavender shade of the polish made this very girly and subtle.



These decals are good quality and easy to use. I do recommend tweezers to help with placement as you cannot really change your mind (like you can with a waterslide decal) or you risk pulling up your polish.



You can find these decals, and a million similar choices, at bornprettystore. Use MBHMK31 for 10% off and you'll always get free worldwide shipping.

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