Wednesday, July 6, 2016

June Favorites: Likes AND Dislikes!


I know we are a few days into July, but the beginning of this month is always a busy one! I was also out of town to celebrate the 4th so I am a few days behind, too.

This month I wanted to do something a little different. I am always trying to think of ways to make my posts more interesting for you.  While it is pretty common to see "favorites" of the month posts, one thing I don't see much of are DISLIKE posts.  What if a new and hyped product is a dud? Don't you want to know about that, too? I know I do. So, with that in mind, this month I am going to show you my favorite products, as usual, my favorite manis, as usual, and now, starting this month, a couple items I disliked, too.


Good stuff first! My favorite manicures:


From top left, these are:

  • Nabi 3-D Rainbow Effect Holo - Flamingo
  • Color Club Halo Hues - Over The Moon
  • Colors By Llarowe - Here Comes The Bride
  • Zoya Pixie Dust - Bay

Time for beauty! Here are my favorite beauty products:


Now let me tell you a little about each one:



Double LUSH this month! My first favorite is Aqua Marina, and as you can see, I am almost out. (Ooh, darn, I need to go to Lush, pooooor meeee!) I have heard good and bad reviews about AM, but I love it. This is a creamy cleanser that starts as a solid and is covered in seaweed! It actually smells kind of ocean meets seaweed meets a cleanser to me, but I grew up next to the ocean so the smell doesn't bother me at all. It also has calamine, which is soothing and wonderful, and brings me to my next favorite....



LUSH DREAM CREAM!! If you've never tried Lush before, this is an awesome place to start. DC is their most popular product and it's easy to see why. This is a sensitive skin body lotion that has an almost non-existent fragrance and is SO soothing.

Apparently, I am not adult enough to remember to use sunscreen (like, EVER), so I burned myself (a few times) already this year. Dream Cream and Aqua Marina are giving me LIFE and relief.



In early June, I visited a friend in NYC and happened to walk by a Sephora. Then I happened to go in the Sephora. Then I happened to buy this little beauty: the Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar Scrub & Lip Balm in Sweet Rose. I had seen advertisements for it and was intrigued because I love lip balms (shocker, I know) and scrubs, so to see an item with a 2-in-1 is awesome. I must say, this combo product is awesome!! There isn't much color, but the sheer wash of color is so pretty. The balm is smooth, not sticky, and just lovely. WIN. Love. Need.



Last but not least, the Dewy Berry E.L.F. Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain is amazing! I am not usually a lippie person, but I saw a review for this on Beauty By Krystal and was coveting this. One day, I found a freeshipping code and decided to grab a few items. This one was a winner! It has the coolest texture, unlike anything I have ever tried. The gel doesn't last too long, but as a chronic re-applier, I don't mind. Love this.

And now, our new segment...time for the bad news. This month there are two products that I tried and tried again. I can safely tell you that I hate these items and will never repurchase.


First, in a recent swap, I acquired the Too Faced Lash Injection Tube Building Mascara. From other "tube" mascaras I used, I was expecting a thicker formula that wrapped around the lashes and almost plumped them up. This is NOT one of those! My lashes are super long and thick anyway, but this did absolutely nothing to my lashes. Lame, lame, lame.

The second item that I disliked this month is the elf Hydrating Cleansing Cloths. These were touted on the elf site as part of their new "aqua" line that focused on water and hydrating for the skin. I have tried their original makeup remover towelettes and they are just OK, but for the $3 per package, I usually have a package in my gym bag. I was hoping for more with these, but I was definitely disappointed. They are basically the original in new packaging and not at all moisturizing. These are going in my gym bag, too.

That's about it for June! Did you find any awesome new products...or duds this month?

Let me know!


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