Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Influenster Review!! The Essie Edit - 4 New Estee Lauder Products!

Wooo hoo! This is the coolest (and most high end) package that I have received, for free, for review from Influenster!

If you'd like an invite to Influenster so you can take surveys and become elligible for free awesome products to test, shoot me an email at and I'll send you one.

Here is what I received:


First, I received The Barest Lip Color in 05 In The Buff:


The compact (container?) is pretty cute, too:


Here is the bullet. You can already tell it is a high gloss finish.


And swatched on my arm:


Wrong color for me! I passed this baby along to my Aunt already. It applies nicely and felt nice on the lips. I am not a huge lipstick lover so I am sure I am not saying the right things, but it is a nice, bare, basic lipstick.

The second item I received is the Pore Vanishing Stick. I was SO excited to see this in the package!


I have used a ton of primers/pore vanishers before, but nothing in a stick. Very neat and precise application.


And swatched on my hand. You can see there is a faint shimmer to this primer...but what doesn't have shimmer in it these days?


I have actually been using this daily since I got it and I am a huge fan. The stick allows you to not waste product at all. Looks great under makeup and helps it last all day. Definitely an awesome product.

The third item I received was the Flash Illuminator:


Per the box:


I am an overachiever, so I squirted way too much on my hand...


And blended it in. WAY TOO MUCH!! One thing that was immediately apparent about this and the Beam Team (below) is that you need the world's TINIEST drop of product. I am not sure about the price point of these items, but even if they seem expensive, they are going to last FOREVER.


And wipe the excess off my hand, and then blend and blend and blend and blend and blend and blend and blend....


Better! This product is not my cup of tea so it will be gifted to a friend. I am just not an all-over highliter fan! I hate being super shiny or dewy looking, but if you're a fan, it's quite beautiful.

Last but not least, the Beam Team Hydrate and Glow product is my favorite!


It actually comes with two products - there is a brightening (not shimmery!) liquid inside and a cool "beam creme" product in the cap. You can use them alone or together.


Here is the cap. Look at that golden goodness!


On the left, it is applied a little heavier. On the right, I've blended it in some. So pretty! I have been using this right under my eyebrows for an AWAKE look, even when I'm not (it's been a trying few weeks).



Here is the product in the rest of the tube. Again, you can use this all over for a brightening effect or just dab it where you want highlight.


Way too much product...again. But seriously, look at that rose gold lustre!


Aaaaaand blend and blend and blend and blend and blend and blend and blend....


This just might be the product that converts me to highlighting. Even though the flash illuminator wasn't my favorite, for some reason, this is angels singing to me. I love the rose gold. I think it goes better with my complexion, too. I actually use this first, all over (!!!) but only on my cheek bones and up to my forehead. Then I add my foundation then powder to set. I think it makes me look bright an sunny, which I always need!

All in all, what a cool new line from Estee Lauder! I love the Beam Team and the Pore Vanishing stick and will def be sticking to those products long term.

Thank you, Influenster!


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