Friday, July 1, 2016

Black and White Glitter Topper!! Beautiful Disney: Dots or Nothing

It has been a long time since I showed a black and white glitter topper on this blog!

Flashback: when I first started this blog, I was obsesssssed with b&w toppers. My purchase of Connect the Dots, by Lynderella, was one of my first indie purchases, and certainly, up to that point, the most money I had spent on a single bottle of polish. I still have it!

Recently, however, I have been using less and less glitter toppers. I work in an office where that just isn't totally acceptable, and before this job, I was teaching at a community college...also not the best place to whip out brightly glittered up nails! All of my glitter toppers, including the b&w, have def been getting neglected. In fact, I almost forgot how much I love b&w toppers...until....

My pal Becky, of the awesome blog Naked Without Polish, purchased this totally awesome topper for me at Disney when she visited last year. How awesome is that!


I used two coats of Dots or Nothing over Musky by LilypadLacquer. By itself, Musky looks like this:


I wanted to post a solo of Musky so you can see that the holo comes from the Lilypad, not the glitter topper.



As you can see, Dots or Nothing contains the perfect mini sized black and white hex, plus tiny white microglitters. I have never tried a Disney polish before, but I am impressed with this one! The glitter to base ratio was perfect and the glitters came out of the bottle quite easily. There was no need to push or place the glitters since they were of uniform size and cooperated nicely.



I actually love the holo and glitter mix! Holos weren't nearly as popular a few years ago when I started this blog, so I am not sure I've ever done a holo meets b&w mani. I'll def have to try this with other color combos. Thanks again to Becky for sending me Dots or Nothing!


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