Friday, July 15, 2016

Bitzy Nail Polish Remover Pads Review

Today I have something a little different for you. Instead of a polish to put on your nails, I am going to review a product to take the polish off your nails!


During my last Sally Beauty Supply run, I picked up the Bitzy Nail Polish Remover pads. The watermelon scent called out to me because I figured I could use these when I was hanging out with my very scent sensitive boyfriend and maybe they wouldn't bother him as much as strong acetone. I love anything watermelon scented anyway, and I believe these were about $2. I didn't set the bar too high in my hopes for these but I figured it was worth a shot!


The package is a snap on cap and inside there is are a bunch of pre-soaked "petals" that contain nail polish remover. The first thing that I noticed was the smell. Amaaazing! You can smell the acetone smell only faintly and the watermelon scent is fresh, not overpowering, and not artificial smelling at all. Good start!


One thing I did do, and wanted to share with you, is that I did NOT take off the whole safety seal. I made it into a kleenex type pull system by poking a hole in the top. This serves quite a few purposes. One, it is less likely to spill. Two, it is less likely to dry up quicker. Three, it smells less strong and contains the scent in the container, too. I def recommend this method.


After using these a few times, I do have some thoughts...rather, some PROs and CONs of using this versus my traditional acetone/felt combo.

  • PRO: Smells so goooood!
  • PRO: Very moisturizing! These pads are quite oily (?) and did not give me that dry acetone hand nastiness that I usually get. I did not need to follow up removal with cuticle oil and hand lotion because my hands felt amazing!
  • PRO: Convenient! I have these stashed on the coffee table in the living room and they take up no space at all. I also don't have to worry about spillage like I do with a big bottle of acetone.
  • CON: Over Saturation? I am not really sure if this is a pro or con but it is definitely an issue. I tried these out on my toes first and luckily, my finger nails were already naked. Because the product is very saturated with product and very oily, the liquid spreads all over your hands. If my nails had been painted, using these on my toes would've totally destroyed my nails. This is not at all a reason not to use them, but just make sure you do toes then nails if you use them on both.
  • CON: Lots of waste! It took about 5 of these little sheets to take off a neutral color on my toes. It took about 7 sheets to remove Zoya Payton from my nails. I usually use felt and acetone and get to remove dozens of manis with the same piece of felt. Having a paper product to throw out every time I do my nails feels slightly wasteful to me.

I really like the convenience and scent of the Bitzy Nail Polish remover pads. For the price and effectiveness, I would totally repurchase this product. What do you think of remover pads? Have you tried this brand or others?


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