Monday, June 27, 2016

Sephora Play! June 2016 Review

As you know, I have cancelled all subscription boxes except my Sephora PLAY! box. I love that it comes from the beauty source itself, Sephora, and the samples are higher end brands. I have read other reviews where people are unhappy that freebies in store, like perfume samples, are sent in the box, but as someone who doesn't go to a store often, I don't mind them, personally.

Here is what I received for June:


They have switched from boxes to reusable bags, which I have no use for, LOL. I liked the boxes to keep samples and things in, but I understand the cloth bag concept, too. Meh. Can't win 'em all, right?


Let me back up for one second. The PLAY! box comes packaged nicely with a card and tissue on the top. Each month has a theme.


This month it is "The Minimalists" which is always a trend for summer as we limit the number of products when it's hot out, or we turn to different products for hot-weather-friendly results.


There's a nice big brochure with information about each product:


On to the products!

First, let's get the perfume sample out of the way. Not much to say here, other than my Aunt loves Tocca fragrances, so this went to her.


Next up, this is the bareMinerals Bare Skin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer. Phew! There are a few ways to use this, including mixing a few drops with your foundation to get a luminizing, bronzed look. I hate luminizing and prefer a matte look, so I did not use it like that. I actually applied my regular foundation, then a few drops of this where I normally put powder bronzer. I love the color and how sheer it is and I am really happy with this product. This isn't something I would've tried outside of the sub box. Win!


Swatched...looks harsh!


Blended...looks subtle!


As usual, Sephora covered all aspects of beauty by adding a hair product. I like Bumble&Bumble products so this is a welcome inclusion, but especially in the summer, I don't blow dry my hair. This may get swapped or used for a special occasion.


Summer time = sunscreen time, something I am sooo horrible about remembering. I love that this is small enough to keep in my purse. I tried Tarte Guard over the weekend, on my face only, at the beach, and my face is the only thing NOT burned...yay!

I would never think to buy a high-end sunscreen, so this is another product that I would not have purchased on my own.


Mini-mascaras are always helpful to have while traveling. I love this formula and I love the brush with the little rubber ball thing on the end because it helps to push up those tiny lashes in the inside corners of your eyes.


Last but not least, the product that I assume most people were excited about is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. This is another product that I am not using in the way it is described. Like the bareMinerals bronzer serum, you have the choice of mixing this in with your foundation to make a dewy, illuminated look. Yall already know I dont like that look, so I am also using this on my cheeks after foundation as a highlighter.




And blended....Don't use this much product! You need the tiniest little dab, so even though this sample looks small, it is going to last if you use it the way I am using it.


What do you think of this box?  I am a huge fan and will continue to get the PLAY! box for now.


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  1. I was pretty happy with this one! The B&B hair product seems to be working for me, I usually just air dry my hair so long as I am not leaving the house. It just doesn't look real great air dried, particularly the ends (just kinda frizzy and crappy looking), and this seems to help with that. Which I thought other leave in conditioners I invested in were supposed to do. Hmm.

    I guess I am hoarding the bronzer/highlighter. I love Tarte stuff and mini mascaras. Win!


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