Friday, June 24, 2016

Nail Art Post! Nude & Black Featuring bornprettystore Decals!

Today I am back with some pseudo-nail art. I say pseudo because although I did it and it looks quite classy and artsy, I can't take too much credit. They are stickers!

You've seen these stickers on the blog before. I received my first sheet from bornprettystore for review and loved them so much that I purchased another sheet in black and a gold sheet, too. I love, love, love the designs and how easy they are to apply. I hate, hate, hate that they peel up after a couple days and then I catch the corners on everything and peel them up more. As soon as it looks messy, they are gone! Bornprettystore, if you're reading this, please make them slightly stickier, or something!


I used a base of Zoya Chantal (I am like 99% sure on that one) and let it dry overnight. Then I applied these full nail stickers and used a file to trim the excess off the edges. I topcoated them with HK Girl, and viola! Such an extravagant look with very little effort.


Time for a close up!  I seriously love how these look.


These sheets come with 10 designs and 12 stickers each, so you can fit the best one for each nail. I love every design!


One last look!


What do you think? Have you tried these and had any better luck than I do?


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