Monday, June 13, 2016

Nabi Holo: Flamingo

Nabi Holo is a brand that I saw in about 3,529 Instagram posts and decided to try it out for myself. The cheapest place I found to purchase it on was Amazon! Isn't that weird - polish from Amazon? Regardless of how weird it seemed, under $4 to try a polish definitely convinced me to click that Add To Cart button. I am really glad I did, too.

Check out Nabi Holo in Flamingo. This isn't one of those flood the nail with a rainbow holos, but instead it is scattered throughout the nail:


For the price point, I am seriously impressed. The formula was creamy and opaque in two coats. It was shiny on it's own but topcoat amped it up quite a bit. Apparently, I didn't take as many close up photos as I usually do, but you'll have to trust me.



When Nabi says "Rainbow Holo" they mean it. I def suggest trying this brand and I look forward to snagging a few more of these!

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