Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Glam Polish: Frankenslime 2014 - Australian Indie!

If you're not already a fan of Glam Polish, from Australia, that needs to change right now! Glam Polish consistently puts out super stunning polishes. They now have a US shipper, too, so if the shipping cost from AU was holding you up from ordering, that obstacle has been tackled.

During Halloween, Glam puts out a new edition of it's Frankenslime polish. Shame on me for showing you this now, but here it is.  It's, am I really late or really early? LOL, you decide.  Either way, check it out:


Frankenslime 2014 has a green base with a nice array of glitters, including holo scatted throughout and purple microglitters.



Glam Polish has perfected it's formula. This is three thin coats with topcoat, but you can easily get away with two thicker coats. The holo is just right and sparkles so nicely in the sun.


Last look!


I believe that the LE Glam Polishes are produced in pretty small batches. However, if you missed this beauty, there is always this coming year's Frankenslime edition and tons of beauties in Glam's shop.

You can find Glam Polish:
On Facebook HERE
On the store site HERE


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