Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Emily De Molly: Deep Sea Coral - Australian Indie!

Emily De Molly, an Australian indie, makes such gorgeous polishes! I had actually been drooling over the polish I am going to show you today, Deep Sea Coral, for quite some time before I acquired it (thanks, Leeanne!).

Let's skip the long intro and get to some pics!



Deep Sea Coral is exactly what the name says it should be: beautiful, shimmering, creme coral polish. I needed just two coats for the pics you see here. The formula was like butter applied to the nails - just perfect. I love the blue flashes, too, it really makes it look aquatic. How about one of those cute bottle shots all the kids were doing for a while?


Pretty, right? You can see how smooth the formula is from the bottle shot, but, of course, it looks best on the nail!



It non-direct light, when the blue flashes aren't coming through, you actually get an almost neon red quality to the polish. Check it out:


And a last look:


Emily De Molly is an AU company, but I believe they have some US shippers, so it's worth shopping around. I have just a few EdM polishes and they are all lovely!

You can find Emily De Molly:
On Facebook HERE
On the store site HERE


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