Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Christian Dior Gris Trianon: What Color Is It?

Remember the dress color debacle from earlier this year? I have another one for you in the form of a nail polish.

I took photos of Christian Dior's Gris Trianon polish - in the bottle, on the nail with flash, on the nail without flash, and brush/open bottle shots...and the polish looks like it is 4 different colors.  So, which color is it to you?

First, this macro shot is of the bottle itself:



Then, here are a couple shots of the brush and bottle top. I wanted to get photos of the brush because it is aaaawweessssooommmeeee (flat, perfect, one stroke along the nail) and that was when I realized how different the color looked:



So I painted my nails, two perfect and flawless coats, and took some more pics, with flash, in my lightbox.



Then I turned the flash off and took more pics:



So what color is it? Really, it's a grey creme polish. It def doesn't look like the bottle top/brush shot at all! There is really no tan or beige color to it at all. I think the closest is the pure grey creme that appears in the flash photo of the polish on my nails.

Do you have this shade? What color does it look like to you?


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