Friday, June 10, 2016

Chaotic Glitz: The Mani Cupcake Soak!

Recently, I placed an order from Chaotic Glitz for shower steamer tablets (which are amazing, review coming soon) and the owner was nice enough to throw in a Mani Cupcake for me to enjoy and review! I tried this product when I was getting over a cold and needed extra pampering.



The packaging alone is adorable.



The website suggests you can use the top of the cupcake alone for a second soak but I threw the whole thing in! That was actually a mistake....the bubbles fizzed up and over the bowl! I had to run it into the kitchen as it fizzed and overflowed.


Needless to say, it is quite frothy and softening! I seriously suggest you only use half at a time - maybe even 1/4 of the product if you're using a small bowl like I did. I am horrible at picking out scents but I think mine had a slightly strawberry scent, which was quite subtle and not at all artificial.


I rubbed the oils into my skin until the water cooled down and then rinsed. (Ignore the stains on my nails, please!).


I followed up with Lush Lemony Flutter to lock in the moisture and then I did my nails with Very Sirius by Literary Lacquers. Look at those smooth cuticles! I look forward to trying the other scents by Chaotic Glitz and am grateful that I was able to try this product out.


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