Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Christian Dior Gris Trianon: What Color Is It?

Remember the dress color debacle from earlier this year? I have another one for you in the form of a nail polish.

I took photos of Christian Dior's Gris Trianon polish - in the bottle, on the nail with flash, on the nail without flash, and brush/open bottle shots...and the polish looks like it is 4 different colors.  So, which color is it to you?

First, this macro shot is of the bottle itself:



Then, here are a couple shots of the brush and bottle top. I wanted to get photos of the brush because it is aaaawweessssooommmeeee (flat, perfect, one stroke along the nail) and that was when I realized how different the color looked:



So I painted my nails, two perfect and flawless coats, and took some more pics, with flash, in my lightbox.



Then I turned the flash off and took more pics:



So what color is it? Really, it's a grey creme polish. It def doesn't look like the bottle top/brush shot at all! There is really no tan or beige color to it at all. I think the closest is the pure grey creme that appears in the flash photo of the polish on my nails.

Do you have this shade? What color does it look like to you?


Monday, June 27, 2016

Sephora Play! June 2016 Review

As you know, I have cancelled all subscription boxes except my Sephora PLAY! box. I love that it comes from the beauty source itself, Sephora, and the samples are higher end brands. I have read other reviews where people are unhappy that freebies in store, like perfume samples, are sent in the box, but as someone who doesn't go to a store often, I don't mind them, personally.

Here is what I received for June:


They have switched from boxes to reusable bags, which I have no use for, LOL. I liked the boxes to keep samples and things in, but I understand the cloth bag concept, too. Meh. Can't win 'em all, right?


Let me back up for one second. The PLAY! box comes packaged nicely with a card and tissue on the top. Each month has a theme.


This month it is "The Minimalists" which is always a trend for summer as we limit the number of products when it's hot out, or we turn to different products for hot-weather-friendly results.


There's a nice big brochure with information about each product:


On to the products!

First, let's get the perfume sample out of the way. Not much to say here, other than my Aunt loves Tocca fragrances, so this went to her.


Next up, this is the bareMinerals Bare Skin Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer. Phew! There are a few ways to use this, including mixing a few drops with your foundation to get a luminizing, bronzed look. I hate luminizing and prefer a matte look, so I did not use it like that. I actually applied my regular foundation, then a few drops of this where I normally put powder bronzer. I love the color and how sheer it is and I am really happy with this product. This isn't something I would've tried outside of the sub box. Win!


Swatched...looks harsh!


Blended...looks subtle!


As usual, Sephora covered all aspects of beauty by adding a hair product. I like Bumble&Bumble products so this is a welcome inclusion, but especially in the summer, I don't blow dry my hair. This may get swapped or used for a special occasion.


Summer time = sunscreen time, something I am sooo horrible about remembering. I love that this is small enough to keep in my purse. I tried Tarte Guard over the weekend, on my face only, at the beach, and my face is the only thing NOT burned...yay!

I would never think to buy a high-end sunscreen, so this is another product that I would not have purchased on my own.


Mini-mascaras are always helpful to have while traveling. I love this formula and I love the brush with the little rubber ball thing on the end because it helps to push up those tiny lashes in the inside corners of your eyes.


Last but not least, the product that I assume most people were excited about is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. This is another product that I am not using in the way it is described. Like the bareMinerals bronzer serum, you have the choice of mixing this in with your foundation to make a dewy, illuminated look. Yall already know I dont like that look, so I am also using this on my cheeks after foundation as a highlighter.




And blended....Don't use this much product! You need the tiniest little dab, so even though this sample looks small, it is going to last if you use it the way I am using it.


What do you think of this box?  I am a huge fan and will continue to get the PLAY! box for now.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mask of the Week: TonyMoly I'm Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet Skin Soothing

Shout out to Chelsea who told me that Ulta carries TonyMoly masks! As soon as I heard this, I ran to my local Ulta to snag a few. I am both lucky and cursed (my wallet, anyway) that an Ulta is so close to my house!

This week I tried the TonyMoly I'm Real Tea Tree Mask Sheet in the Skin Soothing formula. The front of the package looks like this:


And back looks like this (got too excited and opened it before I remembered to take pics! Oops!):



This is a one piece sheet mask that comes loaded with a ton of product! It is very squishy and almost slimy. I wiped off a lot of the product and smoothed it onto my neck, arms, and legs while I waited. The formula is actually very soothing and soft on the skin. The mask adhered well and stayed put while I did my nails and caught up on my social media accounts. Here is my goofy face with the mask:


I would totally repurchase this product. My skin was super soft and my normally reddish cheeks were quite normal colored, LOL. I did follow up, as usual, with Lush facial moisturizer before bed and I woke up with quite supple, soft skin. I love every single TonyMoly mask that I have tried, so knowing they are so close and accessible to me is quite dangerous. Hide yo kids! Hide yo wallet!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Nail Art Post! Nude & Black Featuring bornprettystore Decals!

Today I am back with some pseudo-nail art. I say pseudo because although I did it and it looks quite classy and artsy, I can't take too much credit. They are stickers!

You've seen these stickers on the blog before. I received my first sheet from bornprettystore for review and loved them so much that I purchased another sheet in black and a gold sheet, too. I love, love, love the designs and how easy they are to apply. I hate, hate, hate that they peel up after a couple days and then I catch the corners on everything and peel them up more. As soon as it looks messy, they are gone! Bornprettystore, if you're reading this, please make them slightly stickier, or something!


I used a base of Zoya Chantal (I am like 99% sure on that one) and let it dry overnight. Then I applied these full nail stickers and used a file to trim the excess off the edges. I topcoated them with HK Girl, and viola! Such an extravagant look with very little effort.


Time for a close up!  I seriously love how these look.


These sheets come with 10 designs and 12 stickers each, so you can fit the best one for each nail. I love every design!


One last look!


What do you think? Have you tried these and had any better luck than I do?


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Zoya Melodie + Illamasqua Pink Raindrops = Perfection!

When I sat down to do a fresh mani the other night, I could not decide what I wanted! As usual, I was thinking dainty, girly, probably pink...but I wanted something different.



Zoya Melodie is an awesome neutral with a frost or something to it. I am not good at identifying stuff like that, but safe to say, it's beautiful. It has been discontinued since 2012, but I found this on Amazon for around retail Zoya price. This polish is simply gorgeous and has taken a place on my favorites shelf.

Illamasqua Pink Raindrops also lives on my favorites shelf. The pic above doesn't show how pink it truly is, but trust me, it's pink with the daintiest flakkies. This is a harder to find polish, too, but I love it.


I couldn't decide which one to I used both. I started with one coat of Melodie and added one coat of Pink Raindrops. I love how this looks!


Close up!


Pink Raindrops is pretty sheer on it's own and requires 3-4 coats for full coverage. Zoya Melodie is practically a 1 coater, so I figured that would be a good base and something a little more muted than a white base.


I loved this mani that I wore it for like 4 days, which is forever in nail polish blogger world. I topped the mani with HK Girl which made it last quite a while, free of chips and beautiful!


What do you think? Do you have either of these polishes?


Monday, June 20, 2016

SinfulColors: Kylie Jenner Trends Matter Collection VIPeach Demi Matte

Phew! The title of this blog post is a mouthful but I am only showing you one polish! Jeez!

Today I have one of the Kylie Jenner Trends Matter polishes by SinfulColors. I picked up VIPeach from the Demi Matte line. I've been seeing the KJ Collection everywhere but this polish, so far, has been my only purchase. I am just not seeing unique colors and with hundreds already in my collection, I am not going to grab any just because they are KJ approved.

The VIPeach polish is part of the 5 Demi Matte collection series but the only one labeled "Angel" on it. Not sure what that means, but it's there. And here is the polish:


I guess I missed the "demi matte" memo when I swatched this because I totally added topcoat. I don't get "demi" matte anyway, especially when it has shimmery glittery things in it. Come a little closer:


I don't wear polish without topcoat...who does!? SinfulColors needs to make a demi matte topcoat if they don't want me messing with the supposed finish. AmIRight?!


Oh, right, you want to hear about the formula?! Ha. It was a good, creme formula. I used 3 coats.

As it is pastel-leaning, you're going to need 3 coats for sure.

As it is "demi matte" leaning, you might get some streakiness on the first coat, but it will go away with the other two.

I love the insta-tan that colors like this give me. It's neutral without being boring, sparkly without being too obvious. I do like it quite a bit.


What do you think? Have you picked up any of the Kylie Jenner SinfulColors polishes?


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mask of the Week: Laneige Water Bath Soothing Gel Mask

My skin has been feeling quite dry after working out lately, so this week I reached for the Laneige Water Bath Soothing Gel Mask, which is a 2piece "hydrogel" mask that promises to be incredibly moisturizing and to help put water back in your skin.


I received two of these masks from an epic swap (thank you, Peggy!) and was eager to try it out. I like the two piece masks since you can customize and contour the fit a little bit better than a single sheet. Back of package:


Mask fail......Maybe it was user error, but this mask did not do it for me. LOL, see that face?! The bottom half kept falling off. The top half buckled in the middle over my nose and wouldn't stay close to the bridge of my nose or under my eyes. I moved the pieces around and then moved them again but still no go.


As far as the formula goes, my skin did feel nice and smooth and plump and hydrated. I have a second packet of this to try, so maybe next time I will put the bottom half on first and then overlap with the top so the bottom sticks to me! I will review it again when I try it next time.

What do you think? Have you tried this brand?


Friday, June 17, 2016

Nerd Lacquer: The Lando System

Nerd Lacquer!! I remember when Nerd Lacquer was like THE indie polish line! When Nerd stopped making polish for a while, people were selling polishes are skyrocketed prices. Thankfully, Nerd is back in production and prices are back to normal.

The Lando System was gifted to me by my AU nail mail pal, Leeanne. I have just a couple other Nerds so this polish is special for many reasons.


Nerds are all crellies with glitter, as far as I have seen. I don't think there's been a holo collection or a creme collection, but please correct me if I am wrong!


This polish has a lavender base with peach, white, pink, and lilac glitters. There is a tiny smattering of holo glitter, too. I used three coats for this mani.


The glitters are easy to get out of the bottle. I did store it upside down while I took off my previous mani, so I know that helped.


Time for a close up! Don't you just love polishes that create their own jelly sammiches?


Last look!



You can find Nerds on  Have you tried this brand? What do you think?


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