Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Zoya Summer 2016: Sunsets Collection (Cremes!)


Read that again, because I am so not kidding! And, on my nails right now, I have Dixie, which you'll see coming up. These polishes are so gorgeous and the formula is just beyond anything else. Zoya creme polishes were already some of my favorites for their coverage and consistency, but the 2016 Sunset collection is so far above everything else!!!!

First, in case you've missed past posts, group shot of both 2016 summer collections:


Now, onto the creme polishes! FYI: I did ONE coat of these and no topcoat for you to get the full effect. Beautiful, all of them!

First up, this is Liv. Such a stunning orchid purple! I am not a huge purple fan but this is light and bright enough that I really enjoy it.



Next, this is Ness. I love this one because I had an awesome childhood friend named Vanessa, who went by Ness, and I know she'd love this color. Formula: perfect.



Aptly named Dory is the blue in the bunch. Am I the only kid-less adult who plans to go see Finding Dory?



You already know there has to be a pink! This is Brynn and it is currently on my toesies:



Cam is the prettiest koi fish orange color but it was the sheerest of the bunch. I would still call it a one coater but if you look at the macro, there is the slightest hint of nail line. I do not have bright white tips by any means so if you do, you may NEED two coats.



Dixie is like a neon red meets fuchsia. This is what I kept on my nails because I just love the color. Definitely a one coater - the formula is just flawless.



Aren't these awesome? My favorite, somewhat surprisingly, is Dixie but there isn't one I dislike, either. One coat cremes are perfect for me because I usually do manis right before work, top them with HK Girl, and I am out the door. Since I can get away with just one coat of polish, this will totally speed up my times in the morning. Sweeeeet!

You can find the entire collection on Zoya's site HERE.

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