Monday, May 23, 2016

Zoya Summer 2016: Seashells Collection (Pixies!)


For some reason, I missed the memo. I thought Pixies, Zoya's textured polishes, had been discontinued. Apparently not because they are back and brighter than ever in the new 6piece Seashells collection. I was sent all 6 for review (thank you, Zoya) and I have swatches for you today.


Group shot of the Seashells and Sunsets collection. I love that Zoya didn't go FULLNEON like other companies do:


First up, this gorgeous gold/neutral is called Levi. I only needed two coats for most of these polishes. The texture is similar to the original Pixie Dusts - textured but softly. If you leave it textured, this wont pull at your clothes (remember the Ultra Mega Intense Hardcore Pixies? mmhmm.) and if you dislike the textured finish, you can smooth it out pretty easily with topcoat.



I love Levi!

Next up, the silver partner to Levi is called Tilly. These Pixies seem to have some darker glitters mixed in, so the colors have great depth on the nail. This is two coats.



Zooey was very hard to get color accurate. It's a pink meets peach meets watermelon. I did need three coats with this one. With flash, I got this:



Without flash, I got this:


Mmhmm. So, the accurate color is somewhere between the two. Closer to the salmon color in the non-flash photo, but still on the pinky side, too.

Next up, Linds is a true red. It reminds me of Chyna from the original Pixies (RIP to WWE star, Chyna, also) but I don't think I have that polish any longer to compare. This is two coats.



Without flash, you can see the texture better on this one:


Bay is a aqua mermaid color. The darker glitters really make this unique. I needed three coats of this one to make sure there was no visible nail line:



Last but not least, Cece is a pretty grass green:



This gorgeous collection is for sale HERE on Zoya's website. My pick is Levi, but they are all beautiful!

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