Monday, May 30, 2016

Second Look Post: Zoya Hannah - My Perfect Red!

Sometimes I feel like I don't give my Zoya polishes enough love. Since I receive them for review, I usually do a swatchfest and use all the colors in one sitting. If I looove the color (read: pinks and neutrals) then I will reach for them again, but sometimes beautiful polishes go unloved.

Zoya Hannah was one of those neglected beauties...until now!



Ladies and gentleman, I have found my perfect red polish!

I think, in the polish world, finding your perfect red brings you that same euphoric glee that finding a perfect red lipstick does for makeup wearers. Hannah has moved out of my melmer and onto my Favorites Shelf. It's just that good.



By the way, if you haven't been here before, a "Second Look" post (if you couldn't tell already) is when I feature a polish that has already been on the blog before. Zoya Hannah is the perfect polish for a Second Look type of post.


The formula is perfection, as we are used to with Zoya creme polishes. There's no pooling or runniness. The color is vibrant and wears for days. I did use HK Girl topcoat for these swatches on top of two coats of polish and I would get a week of wear out of this if I didn't change my polish every few days. Such a gorgeous color!

What do you think of this polish? Have you found your Perfect Red?


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