Monday, May 16, 2016

Nail Art! Featuring Color Club Peace, Love & Polish

Does it still count as nail art if it's a decal? Seriously, how pretty is this?

Peace, Love, & Polish by Color Club is one of my favorite pink polishes...and that is saying a lot! It is a happy neon pink with a gorgeous, very pronounced, golden shimmer throughout. With the shimmer, it does not dry too matte, as many neons do, but I still use topcoat. The swatch you see here is just two creamy coats.

20160118_210530-1 sells these awesomely priced sheets of nail stickers. I've done reviews in the past with samples provided, but I actually bought more on my own because the decals make such an impact with such little effort!

Just paint your nails, topcoat, and let dry. Use tweezers to peel the decal from the backing and place on your nail. Press down with your finger or use an orangewood stick to adhere it firmly. I always add a second layer of topcoat for extra shine and longevity. That's it! Be careful with placement, especially if your nails aren't 100% dry as the adhesive may pull up polish. Tweezers help with this since you can more easily see where you place the decal.



I use these decals all the time! Def give them a try if freehand nail art isn't your thing or if you're pressed for time but still want an exceptionally eyecatching mani.

Purchase these babies in plenty of designs and colors from bornprettystore and use coupon code MBHMK31 for 10% off!

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