Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mask of the Week: The Creme Shop Chia Seed Ultimate Hydration Facial Mask

TJ Maxx is quickly becoming my go-to for funky brand, inexpensive sheet masks. It should be known that I am the type of person to try weird things - foods, beauty products, etc - so I am not one to shy away from new brands or products that I haven't heard of before. I know some people are very loyal to certain brands, or even ingredients, and although I love my LUSH stuff, I do like trying new things, too.

Anyway, with that introduction out of the way, today's facemask is a new to me brand with new to me ingredients, The Creme Shop Chia Seed Ultimate Hydration Facial Mask:


I found this package at TJ MAXX for such a good price I couldn't pass it up. Plus, anything that claims "ultimate hydration" is going to come home with me.

Here is the back of the package:


Do you see that?! $5 for 5 masks! I figured that they wouldn't be the best quality product ever but I usually follow my masks with lotions and serums what could it hurt to try?  Here is a single packet, front and back:



And here is my goofy face with the mask:


The mask felt very cooling on and smelled amaaaaazing. Even my Mother, who usually hates any and all scents that I slather myself with, asked if I had something "almondy" on and said how great it smells. I'll never get her to use one, but that was a big step by itself! LOL.

Basic directions: Apply to clean face, leave on for 15+ mins, remove, rub serum into your skin.  As usual with sheet masks, I applied the leftover serum not only on my face but on my hands and arms, too.

In conclusion, I am glad I tried out this brand. My face felt quite soft and very smooth.

However, it was a tad shiny and felt almost a little tight. Ultimate hydration it is not. We can only hope it is a firming effect, right!? I followed it up with my LUSH Imperialis Moisturizer and felt great. If you find this brand, I do suggest ending your primping sesh with some moisturizer to soothe your skin.

Have you tried this brand? Do you try random stuff you see?



  1. I picked up two boxes of "hand masks" last time I was at TJ Maxx (I think each box/brand was 2 sets of gloves for $4 or $5)...I may sit on them til winter time, when I feel like my hands are going to crack and fall!

    This one seems interesting, I love almond scented stuff...but I admit so far I have avoided sheet masks, I don't know why exactly...I am not one for new stuff much of the time, I guess..

  2. I bought this yesterday and tried it out last night! My skin was slightly itchy for 5 mins or so after i took it off(i was praying that i didn't wake up with new pimples tbh)but other that my skin was smooth af and the mask was very cooling. I also don't know about ULTIMATE hydration but i did feel a bit of tightness in my cheek area. When i got up this morning, my skin was a little brighter(that could also be mind over matter since i only tried it once haha) and no break outs! ♡ I was wondering if you used it daily?


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