Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mask of the Week: BodiPure Gloves & Socks Keratin All-in-One Treatments

Today I have something a little different for my "mask of the week" post.  Instead of a face mask, I wanted to show you the very cool Keratin Hand and Foot All-In-One Treatments by BodiPure. I purchased a package of these treatments when Sam of A Girl Obsessed and I went to the nail tech convention in 2015. If I see them in 2016, I would certainly re-purchase.

Small confession: this is not the first time I tried this product. I bought 5 of each and this is actually the last of both products. I haven't blogged about them because it didn't really fit the blog but since I am branching into beauty products, they fit perfectly now!

Here are the packages:


I should also warn you that there is a foot pic coming up. It isn't a close up and I have the treatment over it, but I know some people really dislike foot pics. I'll post the hand pics first so you have time to jump ship!

Still with me?

Ok, great. You rock.

Anyway, the packet contains two gloves that are filled with the treatment. You put one hand in each glove and then just relax and enjoy it! (Per BodiPure, you can use your cellphone and electronics safely while the gloves are on, but I chose to just chill without the tech.)


The lotion doesn't dry, so just leave them in as long as you want and then peel off the gloves. I usually pull them inside out and rub the rest of the lotion on my arms and legs. Might as well use it up!

I love this stuff! There is no smell and no feeling (like last week's torture mint mask) to the product. Your skin feels sooo nice after.



The foot version works exactly the same. Foot pic coming in 3...2...1...


Not so bad, right? LOL. FYI: Don't try to walk in these. They were designed for salon use while you're sitting and getting a pedi. 

They were not made to flop around the house and decide to stand up and unload the dishwasher... Since there is a lotion inside, they are slippery... And your toe pokes through, since it is just a flimsy piece of plastic and I apparently plod around like Fred Flintstone... And it makes a weird squishy noise when you step down... And then your dog thinks you're a weirdo and gives you a face and won't cuddle with you.......


It is all worth it if you just sit yourself down and relax! I won't show you an after picture of my feet, but even Fred Flintstone would've raved about these. My feet feel so soft! I follow them up with cotton socks to let the keratin absorb further.

BodiPure, if you're reading this, please come to the 2016 Nail Tech Convention in Long Island again. I need more treatments!


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