Monday, May 2, 2016

China Glaze Lite Brite Collection - Summer 2016

I am beyond ready for warmer temperatures in Connecticut. While we wait for the temps to rise, I am content with the steady stream of neons and bright nail colors coming out for the summer. China Glaze sent me the entire 12 piece Lite Brite collection for review and I am having a really hard time picking out a favorite!

The formula on all 12 polishes is perfect! I have heard a few CG naysayers who complain about the formulas, especially neons, but no need to worry at all with this collection. I am so impressed. Let's get right to it!

Wait - one last thing! I wanted to let you know that my camera was a little blindsided (ha) by the bright colors, so I took flash and no flash pics. I am going to post some of each so this will be a little photo heavy.

First up, this Whip It Good. China Glaze does the best "ugly pretty" colors like this. I actually love it! It is opaque in just two coats and the formula is very creamy.



Next up, another "ugly pretty" color, None of Your Risky Business. This reminds of of Metro Pollen-tin, which I also love. This is one of the colors that my camera couldn't handle! Here is with flash, which as you can see, mellow'd out the color (and also gave my skin a super weird green tint...anyone else see that?).



Without flash, however, you can see the more tangerine, true to life color. Love!



And now the pinks!! Lip Smackin' Good is a baby pink, bubblegum like color. There is just the tiniest touch of shimmer, see the purple in the bottle? Another great formula, opaque in two coats.



I'll Pink To That is officially my pedicure color for Summer 2016. Perfect formula! The blue base makes this oh so wearable. Love.



Bite Me is a pink meets coral.



The camera didn't really like Bite Me, either.



Let's Jam is a super stunning lilac with just a hint of shimmer. See that blue flash in the bottle? This is opaque in two coats. I can't wait to wear this when I have a tan!



Lime After Lime is a fun neon meets pastel green. It does remind me of Highlight of My Summer, so I'll do a dupe post for you soon. This is opaque in two coats and quite creamy.



Papa Don't Peach wins the award for best name of the group. I LOL'd when I took this out of the box. This is one of the few very glittery polishes in the collection. I love orange polishes in the summer! This was more sheer than the creme polishes and needed three coats for opacity.



What I Like About Blue is another shimmery shade. I am not usually a blue polish fan but this is extra pretty. Two coats to perfection. The glitters give it that extra special something and it just glows in the sun.



We Got The Beet is a beet purple crelly with gold shimmer/glitter. I own nothing like this and I love it! Since the base is darker than Papa Don't Peach, you only need two coats. Such a regal shade!



The blurple of the bunch is I Got A Blue Attitude. I think this one deserves a different name because it was really purpley on me. Two coats is all you will need as the formula is perfect. It has a subtle blue shimmer and sort of reminds me of Anam Cara by Nire's Desires, but Anam Cara is a lot prettier (sorry, CG!).



Last but not least, what is a summer collection without a smashing red? Hot Flash is the perfect candy red for my skintone. The formula is perfect, too. Like I keep saying, CG really hit a home run with this entire collection. I used two coats for these swatches.



There you have it! You can find China Glaze at Ulta, Sallys (awesome deals there!), even my Rite Aid now has the brand. In case you couldn't tell, I am a super fan of this collection and def recommend them to you. My favorites are I'll Pink To That, None of Your Risky Business, Papa Don't Peach, and We Got The Beet. Which do you like best?

Thanks for checking out my blog!


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