Friday, May 6, 2016

Bornprettystore Review: Diecut Nail Stencils by Tiebeauty

Nail art can be fickle...sometimes you create an amazing design and other times, like this blog post, not so much. I've actually seen other reviews of the same bornprettystore stencils that I used and it seems most people have had nail art fails, too.


If you want to try this item, you can find it HERE in the design I used and 8 other design options.

Here are the instructions, which made me giggle. I love BPS directions. #6 says what?



It started well enough. I applied two coats of Drake by Carpe Noctem Cosmetics and quick dry topcoat. I waited about a half hour before I applied the stencils. I swear, my nails were 110% dry!


I picked out the stencils and applied to my nails:


Then I used a black creme polish to go over the decals.


I waited a bit...not sure how long...maybe this part was the problem..and slowly peeled off each stencil:


Faaaaaail. Big ol' fail. Ugh. My pinky looks OK:


I wouldn't use this again, I am sorry to say. Maybe I should've pulled the decals up right away? Maybe I should've let them dry for a really long time? Where did I go wrong?

Have you tried these decals?

Though I wouldn't recommend these, bornprettystore does have a ton of awesome other things, and the prices can't be beat. Shipping is always free although it does take a couple weeks for items to arrive to the US. If you use coupon code MBHMK31, you'll get 10% off the already low, low prices!

Check it out at

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