Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April Favorites! Beauty Products and Nail Polish

May! I cannot believe it!

I recently read a quote that really inspired me...and also has me so worried that it is already May. The quote reads: "Don't fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today." Hmmm...looks at self, sitting in the same office chair, doing the same thing as I was last year...time to get moving! LOL, at least I am doing better with consistent blogging than I was last year. That counts, right?

Anyway....time for my favorites post to kick off a new month. This month, to save time and energy, and from now on, I am going to combine my favorite beauty products and polishes. I hope you don't mind!

Group shot:


As usual, I try to include a mix at all price points so there is something for everyone. I have had a couple of these products for a while and have rediscovered my love for them and I am including some new products that I picked up this month, too. Let me tell you a little about each one!

Edit: Oops! I forgot to take a solo pic of the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir body mist, so I will just tell you about it quickly here. It is not new at all and in fact may be discontinued at this time, I am really not sure as I barely go to VS anymore. It just has the softest, prettiest floral smell. It is never overwhelming and just smells clean. It is my favorite go to Spring body spray and I will pretty much cry if I find out it is disco'd.

Next! Twilight Shower Gel from Lush:


Look, look, there are sparkles in my shower gel!


This is the more sophisticated version of the old Bath and Body Works sparkly shower stuff from the 90's, LOL. Twilight smells like Heaven, seriously. It has a vanilla meets lavender meets heaven scent. It makes my skin so baby soft and the fragrance lasts and lasts. The one and only downside to this product is that it is from the Lush Kitchen, meaning it is made in smaller batches and not always available.

Primed and ready! I love trying out new primers but my budget is not currently allowing me to go for higher end items. ELF is a brand that is usually pretty consistent and the price point cannot be beat (or even matched, most of the time!). I have been experiencing some redness on my cheeks so I reached for the Tone Adjusting Face Primer. It has a green tint to cancel redness while smoothing and prepping the skin for makeup. I believe it was $6! Love it so far!


One splurge that I plan to stick with is the Sephora Play! beauty box. For $11 (includes shipping) per month, Sephora sends out 4 or 5 deluxe samples. April was my first month and I am already looking forward to May's box. The item that I have been reaching for consistently is the Sephora brand colorful Cheek Ink Gel in peony.


It is a beautiful and (I think) pretty universal color. The gel consistency is really cool and the product spreads and blends easily. I only need a tiny drop for a nice flush on my face. I loved the color so much that I tried it on my lips and it was super duper drying, so I wouldn't try that at home. :)


Polish time! I want to choose a favorite indie polish and a favorite mainstream polish to show you. Both are polishes that I received this month as press samples.


First up, Flopsy from Literary Lacquers has stolen a piece of my heart. While LL is known for darker, jewel toned holo polishes, Flopsy is so unique and beautiful and the formula is perfect and the flash of color gives it such depth and I could go on and on and on but instead I'll stop typing and show you a pic.


I'll Pink To That by China Glaze is a neon pink with a blue base that makes it the.perfect.neon. Perfect. China Glaze just released the 12 piece Lite Brite collection for Summer 2016 and all 12 are awesome! I'll Pink To That is going to be my go to pedi color all summer!


Thanks for checking out my favorites this month! What have you been loving lately?

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