Monday, May 30, 2016

Second Look Post: Zoya Hannah - My Perfect Red!

Sometimes I feel like I don't give my Zoya polishes enough love. Since I receive them for review, I usually do a swatchfest and use all the colors in one sitting. If I looove the color (read: pinks and neutrals) then I will reach for them again, but sometimes beautiful polishes go unloved.

Zoya Hannah was one of those neglected beauties...until now!



Ladies and gentleman, I have found my perfect red polish!

I think, in the polish world, finding your perfect red brings you that same euphoric glee that finding a perfect red lipstick does for makeup wearers. Hannah has moved out of my melmer and onto my Favorites Shelf. It's just that good.



By the way, if you haven't been here before, a "Second Look" post (if you couldn't tell already) is when I feature a polish that has already been on the blog before. Zoya Hannah is the perfect polish for a Second Look type of post.


The formula is perfection, as we are used to with Zoya creme polishes. There's no pooling or runniness. The color is vibrant and wears for days. I did use HK Girl topcoat for these swatches on top of two coats of polish and I would get a week of wear out of this if I didn't change my polish every few days. Such a gorgeous color!

What do you think of this polish? Have you found your Perfect Red?


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mask of the Week: The Creme Shop Chia Seed Ultimate Hydration Facial Mask

TJ Maxx is quickly becoming my go-to for funky brand, inexpensive sheet masks. It should be known that I am the type of person to try weird things - foods, beauty products, etc - so I am not one to shy away from new brands or products that I haven't heard of before. I know some people are very loyal to certain brands, or even ingredients, and although I love my LUSH stuff, I do like trying new things, too.

Anyway, with that introduction out of the way, today's facemask is a new to me brand with new to me ingredients, The Creme Shop Chia Seed Ultimate Hydration Facial Mask:


I found this package at TJ MAXX for such a good price I couldn't pass it up. Plus, anything that claims "ultimate hydration" is going to come home with me.

Here is the back of the package:


Do you see that?! $5 for 5 masks! I figured that they wouldn't be the best quality product ever but I usually follow my masks with lotions and serums what could it hurt to try?  Here is a single packet, front and back:



And here is my goofy face with the mask:


The mask felt very cooling on and smelled amaaaaazing. Even my Mother, who usually hates any and all scents that I slather myself with, asked if I had something "almondy" on and said how great it smells. I'll never get her to use one, but that was a big step by itself! LOL.

Basic directions: Apply to clean face, leave on for 15+ mins, remove, rub serum into your skin.  As usual with sheet masks, I applied the leftover serum not only on my face but on my hands and arms, too.

In conclusion, I am glad I tried out this brand. My face felt quite soft and very smooth.

However, it was a tad shiny and felt almost a little tight. Ultimate hydration it is not. We can only hope it is a firming effect, right!? I followed it up with my LUSH Imperialis Moisturizer and felt great. If you find this brand, I do suggest ending your primping sesh with some moisturizer to soothe your skin.

Have you tried this brand? Do you try random stuff you see?


Friday, May 27, 2016

Sephora Play! May Subscription Box Review

I am really loving the Sephora Play! subscription box! Trying new items from brands that are new to me, as well as receiving items from well known beauty industry giants, has been a blast. Out of two boxes and about ten items, there is not a single item that I will not use or try.

Ready to see May's box? First, check out the cute little pouch it came in:


And here are the contents:


This month is all about beauty that is good for you and good for your skin. Therefore: MASKS! YAAYY!! When I saw this first item in a spoiler preview, I was SO excited. Korres masks are amazing but usually out of my price range. I am currently loving the idea of sleeping masks, so this was a seriously welcome item. I have tried it twice and my skin feels great.


We were also sent the Origins Maskimizer, a spray that is supposed to make your skin more receptive to masks and the ingredients in them. I had not heard of this before I received it...haven't tried it yet, but I'll report back!


Along with the Maskimizer, we also received samples of Clear Improvement and Drink Up-Intensive, which is another nighttime mask.


For our hair, we were sent the Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair hair mask. You use this in the shower after shampooing. I have very long hair and will probably get just two uses from this, which is OK for a sample. I tried it last night on the bottom half of my hair and didn't see much of a difference. Smells pretty, though.


Makeup time! We were also sent the tiniest, cutest lipstick by Bite Beauty in the color Kim Chi. This color is briiiight! I just broke up with my boyfriend of two years and he hated lipstick, so you already know I've been wearing this!




Look how cute it is!


Tarte is another brand that I was very excited to see in this box! This is the Tartiest lip liner in a nice neutral color. I have heard problems that people are having with this breaking. Since it is a sample size, it is very small, and apparently quite fragile. I do like the color though, so I will use it (carefully!).



The item I was least excited about was the perfume sample. This is Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne. It smells nice but it is not a scent I would buy full size because it is quite fruity.


There you have it! Overall, I am quite impressed by this box and feel that it is well worth the $11 fee. Looking forward to next month already!


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Zoya Summer 2016: Sunsets Collection (Cremes!)


Read that again, because I am so not kidding! And, on my nails right now, I have Dixie, which you'll see coming up. These polishes are so gorgeous and the formula is just beyond anything else. Zoya creme polishes were already some of my favorites for their coverage and consistency, but the 2016 Sunset collection is so far above everything else!!!!

First, in case you've missed past posts, group shot of both 2016 summer collections:


Now, onto the creme polishes! FYI: I did ONE coat of these and no topcoat for you to get the full effect. Beautiful, all of them!

First up, this is Liv. Such a stunning orchid purple! I am not a huge purple fan but this is light and bright enough that I really enjoy it.



Next, this is Ness. I love this one because I had an awesome childhood friend named Vanessa, who went by Ness, and I know she'd love this color. Formula: perfect.



Aptly named Dory is the blue in the bunch. Am I the only kid-less adult who plans to go see Finding Dory?



You already know there has to be a pink! This is Brynn and it is currently on my toesies:



Cam is the prettiest koi fish orange color but it was the sheerest of the bunch. I would still call it a one coater but if you look at the macro, there is the slightest hint of nail line. I do not have bright white tips by any means so if you do, you may NEED two coats.



Dixie is like a neon red meets fuchsia. This is what I kept on my nails because I just love the color. Definitely a one coater - the formula is just flawless.



Aren't these awesome? My favorite, somewhat surprisingly, is Dixie but there isn't one I dislike, either. One coat cremes are perfect for me because I usually do manis right before work, top them with HK Girl, and I am out the door. Since I can get away with just one coat of polish, this will totally speed up my times in the morning. Sweeeeet!

You can find the entire collection on Zoya's site HERE.

Thanks for stopping by,


Monday, May 23, 2016

Zoya Summer 2016: Seashells Collection (Pixies!)


For some reason, I missed the memo. I thought Pixies, Zoya's textured polishes, had been discontinued. Apparently not because they are back and brighter than ever in the new 6piece Seashells collection. I was sent all 6 for review (thank you, Zoya) and I have swatches for you today.


Group shot of the Seashells and Sunsets collection. I love that Zoya didn't go FULLNEON like other companies do:


First up, this gorgeous gold/neutral is called Levi. I only needed two coats for most of these polishes. The texture is similar to the original Pixie Dusts - textured but softly. If you leave it textured, this wont pull at your clothes (remember the Ultra Mega Intense Hardcore Pixies? mmhmm.) and if you dislike the textured finish, you can smooth it out pretty easily with topcoat.



I love Levi!

Next up, the silver partner to Levi is called Tilly. These Pixies seem to have some darker glitters mixed in, so the colors have great depth on the nail. This is two coats.



Zooey was very hard to get color accurate. It's a pink meets peach meets watermelon. I did need three coats with this one. With flash, I got this:



Without flash, I got this:


Mmhmm. So, the accurate color is somewhere between the two. Closer to the salmon color in the non-flash photo, but still on the pinky side, too.

Next up, Linds is a true red. It reminds me of Chyna from the original Pixies (RIP to WWE star, Chyna, also) but I don't think I have that polish any longer to compare. This is two coats.



Without flash, you can see the texture better on this one:


Bay is a aqua mermaid color. The darker glitters really make this unique. I needed three coats of this one to make sure there was no visible nail line:



Last but not least, Cece is a pretty grass green:



This gorgeous collection is for sale HERE on Zoya's website. My pick is Levi, but they are all beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by!


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