Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sephora Play! April Subscription Box Review

I don't want to ruin it for anyone, so I am giving you time to bail out!

This post is a review for the fairly new subscription box from Sephora called Play! I was on the waiting list for what felt like foreeevveerr until just a few weeks ago when I got the email to say I was now on the list!

I have tried Birch Box, Beauty Army, and ipsy. While all of them have their pros and cons, I was really excited to try a box right from the source - Sephora!

The Play! box was packaged in a big cardboard box so it arrived nice and safe.  Inside, the actual box looked like this:


Ok, this is really your last chance to leave before you see what is inside the box. Ready?


The theme of this month is "The It Crowd" with hip and new items inside. The package was done beautifully with Sephora black and striped tissue. A well-done booklet described the items, which were cushioned in paper.


I was super excited to see an item from Milk Makeup, which I have been seeing everywhere lately!



I thought this was a smallish sample until I used it! This is Milk Makeup's Sunshine Oil. You only need the tiniest drop for your cuticles and hands. If you get this, watch out because the oil pours out of the top with no stopper or anything to slow the flow. I ended up getting a lot more product than I needed, so I smeared it all over my face and the ends of my hair. It smells amaaaaazing!


Pep-Start is from a new Clinique skincare line. This is a cushiony eye cream that will help you look awake and refreshed. I didn't notice a smell, which is always nice so it doesn't compete with my other products.


Pep-start has a nice consistency. I am always looking for new eye creams. I love to get them in sample boxes as I don't use them all the time...but I should!

The Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien was a welcome addition! The rosey color is quite universal although I am not a huge fan of the frosted/shimmery look to the pencil. It is not full size but not travel size either.



Sunday Riley's Good Genes product looks really promising! The reviews on the website are awesome so I am looking forward to trying this.


Sephora included something from their own line, which was a nice touch. And it happens to be my favorite product so far! This is the Colorful Cheek Ink Gel in Peony. I love the consistency and the color. It is so easy to use!


I did add a touch to my lips because I loved the color so much but it was pretty drying so I won't be doing that again. Cheeks it is!


Lastly, the one product I will not be using is this sample of 2am Kiss by Derek Lam. It has a pungent cinnamon meets clove meets patchouli scent. I gave this one away.


All in all, I am 110% impressed by this box! I didn't do the math to figure out how much the products are worth but for $11 or so including shipping, I am pretty darn sure it is worth it! I am sure that the Nars pencil alone would be over $10. I am already looking forward to next month's box!


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