Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nail Art! Featuring A Review of Liquid Palisade

Hello there! Today I have a review of Liquid Palisade by Kiesque and a side of nail art for you.

Liquid Palisade is one of the first bottled liquid latex barriers that made it's way into the nail world. Liquid latex is used in nail art to protect the cuticle or on the nail to make designs where you don't want polish. The company sent me these items for review! I haven't tried any other barrier products before, so I don't have anything to compare this to. so please keep that in mind!

I was sent the original packaging, the blue package with a wider brush, and the pink packaged French Manicure version with a skinnier brush.


Confession: I cannot open the original blue package. Cannot. I tried running it under water, I asked different (strong) people to open it...and nothing. It's latexed shut. For life.

So, I tried the French Manicure version for this review. I am sure one day I will get the blue open and I am sure I will love it. I am def a fan of the FM version! To use this, you do your base coat and let dry. Then paint the liquid latex wherever you don't want polish, which you can see I did designs with that show up purple. As it dries it will go from a lavender creme to a sheer, dry looking, darker purple.



Make sure to extend the liquid latex out over your cuticle and skin enough that you make a "tail" that you can peel from.


Wait until it looks dark purple and dry and then peel the latex off slowly.


I know this looks a bit juvenille, LOL, but it was my first time using liquid latex. I had no reactions to this. It didn't smell or stain my skin. It dried super quickly and pulled up easily, leaving zero residue on my skin or cuticles. I cannot wait to keep playing around with this product. I would def recommend you try this brand if you're in the market to amp up your manicures.

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