Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mask of the Week: Kisskin Premium Diamond Hydro Gel Mask

I seriously need to start taking mask photos. Normally I just think they aren't flattering...and most of them are just different colored creams slathered on my face...but the Kisskin Premium Diamond Hydro Gel Mask needed a photo. Which I didn't take. I'm sorry. If I ever come across this mask again, you'll get a photo. It was very different and very funny to see.

Let me start from the beginning!

I received the Kisskin Premium Diamond Hydro Gel Mask from a swap. It is supposed to be an anti-wrinkle product. No idea where it came from or where to get it again. Front looks like this:


Back looks like this:


Hydro gel means: awesome weird clear rubbery two pieced mask.

The two piece concept is actually quite helpful. The top goes from your upper lip/nose and up while the bottom goes from your upper lip/mouth and down. There is about an inch or so of overlap between the two. Both pieces are notched on the sides so you can fit it to your face.

The mask is cooling but you can feel it working. The best part is the texture and look! My face looked laminated! I burst out laughing when I saw my own face. When I removed the pieces, my skin was SO smooth! I don't have many wrinkles (thank you, genes and God) yet, but I do have one line forming above my lip. It didn't look any different from using this mask, but I didn't expect miracles in one use.

So, in conclusion, if I found this mask again, I would buy multiples. I loved the texture, the scent, and how funny I looked. My skin felt great after one use, so I would love to see what regular use would do to my creeping wrinkles.


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