Monday, April 18, 2016

Ever After & Literary Lacquers Peter Rabbit Quartet Box: Flopsy!

Hello there!

Today I have 1/4 of the Ever After & Literary Lacquer's Peter Rabbit Quarter box!

More info on the box and purchasing HERE!

Each brand has created two polishes inspired by Peter Rabbit and they are all just lovely! I am, as you know, partial to Literary Lacquers pink polishes so though there are 4 bright beauties in this box, I have just one, Flopsy, by Literary Lacquers, to show you.


Oh, my, goodness. How gorgeous is this!?

So, FYI, the box does contain 4 jewel toned polishes.

Ever After created Cotton Tail, a vibrant violet purple jelly with orange shimmer and Peter Rabbit, a bright sky blue with varying red shimmer and scattered holo.  Literary Lacquer created this beauty, Flopsy, and Mopsy, a creamy Easter grass green with contrasting pink shimmer.



My swatches (actually it was a full mani that I wore for days and days!) show 3 thin coats with topcoat, but you can certainly get away with two thicker coats. The formula is perfect. This is even on my toes because I love it soo much! The magenta color is pretty by itself but the blue flashes make this so unique and stunning.


Honestly, I waited until the end to say this, but I have a confession. Flopsy is my new favorite Literary Lacquers EVER!!!!!!!!


Again, this was a very LE box and once it sells out, it sells out. Hop yourself (see what I did there?) over to Ever After's store - HERE - if you're interested in this box.

You can find Literary Lacquers:
On the store site HERE
On Facebook HERE

You can find Ever After Polish:
On the store site HERE
On Facebook HERE


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