Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring 2016: Bold Brows with Salon Perfect!

I haven't tried these products yet, so I'll be back with a more thorough review, but I wanted to thank Salon Perfect for sending me their newest products for bold brows: the Browscara Plus Treat and Tint and the Highlighting Duo.

First up, check out the Browscara, available in blonde, light brown and dark brown:


And some info along with directions:


Close up! You get a duo ended tool with a mascara spoolie for the color and a doe foot for the gel. Apply the gel first, let dry, and then apply the colored gel with the spoolie:


I think the medium will be my closest match. I've given the blond to my Mom to try, as well.

Next up, the Highlighting Duo is also available in three shades, light, medium, and dark:


Here is the info about this product:


Look closely! Not only do you get a dual ended pencil for defining and highlighting, but you also get a dual ended brush. Even if you don't use the pencil all the time, this brush is going to be very handy. There is an angled bristle side and a spooly side! Close up:


Again, I plan to try the middle shade and have tossed the blondest one in my Mom's makeup kit.

Reports coming soon!

You can find Salon Perfect products at Walmart stores soon!


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