Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Orly Cinderella & Cinderella The Musical!

For Christmas in 2015, my (theater loving) Aunt and I decided to skip presents (although we both failed and got each other thoughtful gifts, too) and buy each other tickets to the theater! We decided to go see Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella the musical, which played at The Bushnell Theater in Connecticut in mid-January.

As a Christmas surprise, my Aunt purchased the Orly Cinderella 4 pack of mini polishes. How cute was that! Group shot:


The package came with 4 whimsical colors:

Wicked Stepmother is a charcoal grey shimmer:


Oh, That Clock! is a gold metallic:


Cinderelly, Cinderelly is a beautiful sheer light blue with a pink shimmer, very reminiscent of Disney's take on her ball gown:


Magical Carriage is a creamy mauvey neutral:


The toughest part was deciding which color to use for the show!

Here is a photo of the set...and the usher who not-so-nicely asked me not to take photos. Hey, everyone else was snapping away, too!


And my Aunt and I in our awesome seats!


Ready to see my nails? I decided to use Magical Carriage with one coat of Cinderelly, Cinderelly on top. I love the combo...and the show was fantastic!


Closeup with flash:


Thank you for stopping by!


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