Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mask of the Week: TonyMoly I'm Real Hydrating Coconut Face Sheet Mask

TonyMoly is a Korean beauty brand that is quickly becoming popular in the US. I found this product at Sephora but you can also find this and plenty of other products, masks and other things, online.

I love coconut anything and I always need hydration in my skin, so the I'm Real Hydrating Coconut Face Sheet Mask was a perfect fit for me.


According to the Sephora website, where it is currently out of stock, "This specially designed, coconut-enriched face mask is formulated to deeply hydrate and purify the skin. It’s made of a three-layer cloth sheet for better absorption and deeper penetration of essence into the skin." In other words, it is slightly thicker than the usual flimsy single sheet mask. It feels thicker but also sort of makes your brain think it is even more hydrating since it has a slight weight to it. There is a lot of liquid on the mask, too. As I am smoothing mine over my face, I always rub the excess fluid onto my hands and cuticles. Double duty!

As with most masks, simply leave this baby on for 20 minutes or so, then remove. There is no need to rinse - just massage the excess on your face (and hands).

My skin felt super smooth and supple after using this mask. For the $8 price point, I would definitely re-purchase this mask. I am looking forward to trying other formulas from this brand as well.

What do you think? Have you tried TonyMoly?


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  1. I can not get on board for sheet maskes. There is something about them that just makes me feel slightly claustrophobic. My grandmother swear by sheet masks, but I just cant.


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