Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Literary Lacquers Comparison Post - 4 New Polishes!

Over the past few days, I have shown you four new gorgeous polishes from Literary Lacquers. They launched on the 21st and are available now!

In case you're struggling to decide which of the four new Literary Lacquers polishes you need, I thought today would be a perfect day for a comparison post!

My ongoing, photo heavy, super awesome Literary Lacquers comparison post with over 30 polishes can be found HERE!

By the way, you must know that 2 of the 4 polishes, Serious Nap Rays and My Whirlwind Other Half, are only available to you if you join the Literary & Lacquers Facebook fan group. Request to join HERE!

Click HERE for the LL store.

Now, let's get to the photos!


  • Serious Nap Rays - Available 3/21/16 via the Literary & Lacquers FB Group!
  • OctarineFrom the Magic & Mysteries collection - Find it HERE
  • Everything You Love - From the Ultimate Outlaw collection - Find it HERE
On me, SNR has a stormy, moody purple tone to it. Octarine is a dainty, almost pink color. EYL is the darkest of the three. Swatches show 3 thin coats of each. Dupes? No. Need all 3? Yup!


  • Ventomarme - Cactus Duo, available 3/21/16
  • Attic Mice - From the 2014 Community Collection - Find it HERE
  • Always Winter Never Christmas - From the 2014 Community Collection - Find it HERE
Ventomarme is quite different than the other two. It is the truest teal, in my opinion, and the holo is the most subtle. Attic Mice is grayer. AWNC is more blue and has bigger flakkies/glitter and is the most holo. Ventomarme is soo gorgeous!! Dupes? No. Need all 3? Yes!


  • Come And Take Me - Cactus Duo, available 3/21/16
  • Flickum Bicus - From the Magic & Mysteries Collection - Find it HERE
  • Something That Has No Name - LE, no longer available
CATM is, by far, the juiciest, brightest orange polish from LL. I actually used this as a full mani and it is on my nails as I type this. FB has flashes of blue. STHNN is much darker and has dark micro glitters. Dupes? No way. Need all 3? Yes, especially CATM for summer time tanned skin!



  • My Whirlwind Other Half - Available 3/21/16 via the Literary & Lacquers FB Group!
  • Anne With An E - Green Gables Collection, no longer available
I know, I know, even from the bottle shots, these are not similar at all. However, they were my only two that had similar qualities - clear/white base, can be used as glitter toppers...that's about it. Dupes? No, but you get where I was going here, right? MWWOH is so fun, you do need it. Anne is no longer available.

My ongoing, photo heavy, super awesome Literary Lacquers comparison post with over 30 polishes can be found HERE!

Scurry on over to the store to scoop these babies up. Personally, my picks are Ventomarme and Whirlwind!

You can find Literary Lacquers:
On Facebook HERE
On the store site HERE


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