Friday, March 18, 2016

Literary Lacquers: The Cactus Duo - Ventomarme & Come and Take Me

Today I have The Cactus Duo, a new set of polishes that will be available from Literary Lacquers on March 21, 2016. As usual, they are gorgeous, and as usual, there is an interesting literary inspiration behind the colors.

 Here are the details:

 The Cactus, by O. Henry tells us the story of the pompous, arrogant, broken-hearted Trysdale. The story opens with him upset after watching the woman he loves marry another man. During their courtship, she had heard that he spoke fluent Spanish, he kept quiet and allowed her to assume that it was true. When he proposed to her, she sent her answer the next day. A cactus in a pot bearing a tag with a single word. Ventomarme. Not hearing anything else from her, he decided that the cactus was a refusal of his proposal and he turned cold toward her. Only after attending her wedding to another man, does he find out that ventomarme means come and take me.

 Honestly, I want to read that book now! Before I get my hands on that, however, I already have my hands on the gorgeous duo.

Bottle shot:


First up, my new favorite Literary Lacquers polish is Ventomarme. This beauty was designed for Jennifer Sky Walker’s blogiversary. It is a "dusty grey-green-blue with holographic microglitter, silver microflakes, and blue glass flecks." Love when Amy breaks out the glass flecks!!

I used three coats for this polish, which applied perfectly. It is sheer with the first coat but builds up beautifully. I seriously love this color! It now lives on my Favorites Shelf, which is pretty crowded with LL polishes already.




The second polish in the duo is called Come and Take Me. It is a "jelly fire opal orange packed with holographic microglitter and opalescent flakies." Amy also mentions that this polish is opaque at three coats on shorter nails, those with longer or more visible nail lines may want to use a base polish.
This polish is to celebrate Debbie Crumpet and her years of awesome blogging. Orange is not usually a color I gravitate towards, but this polish is beyond stunning. Think of the juiciest summer orange and that is the color. You almost want to squeeze this polish and put it in a cup, LOL, it's that juicy. I used three coats here and yes, you can still see some VNL. I did not use a base color because I wanted you to see the squisky jelly-ness all by itself.




 These polishes will be available on March 21 for $10 each. If I had to pick just one, I would choose Ventomarme - it's just that gorgeous.

 You can find Literary Lacquers:
On Facebook HERE
On the store site HERE


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