Friday, March 4, 2016

Gosling's ChopSaver - The BOMB Lip Balm

I know one thing I want to do with this blog is expand from just polish to incorporating some skincare items, especially products I am passionate about in my own routine.

One product that I hoard like it is going out of style is LIPBAAAAAALMMMMM. I have an embarrassingly large collection of lip balm. Clear balm, tinted balm, medicated balm, lip scrubs, seasonal flavors, indie company balm, mainstream name it, I probably have it. My lips are perpetually dry, not only from weather, dehydration (I'm working on it, I swear...let me pause and take a sip of water right now, actually), but from picking and biting (I know, I'm working on it, too, I swear). Most products work just OK but need constant reapplying..or taste gross..or I lose them..or they just don't work well enough for me to reach for them again.

Enter: Gosling's ChopSaver!


When I saw one of my favorite beauty bloggers, BeautyByKrystal, give an amazing and glowing review to ChopSaver, I popped right over and requested a press sample of this new (and soon to be hugely popular) brand. The company was nice enough to send me the original Citrus flavor and a Citrus with SPF - good call, guys!


Dan Gosling is a trumpet player, and as you can see from the info card, professional musicians cannot do their jobs properly without smooth and healthy lips. I can honestly say, I have never thought about this before, but it seems pretty obvious. As a gentleman, Dan was probably not thrilled to grab a pink tinted bubblegum scented product, LOL, and needed something that worked well, quickly, and consistently. So he did what any brilliant individual does, and DIY'd it up.

More info:


What's in it?


Hello, Holy Grail Product!


This baby hasn't left my side since I opened the package. I am considering getting one of those uber cool keychain things that hold lip balm so I will never, ever be apart from my ChopSaver. The balm itself has a great scent, not too traditional lemon citrus but more of a light orange. It has no taste if you actually lick your lips. You can feel it sitting on your lips, doing it's job. It isn't sticky (and therefore doesn't get in your hair and stick all over the place, phew) and has no color or tint. Honestly, this stuff just works. The girly side of me hopes they come out with some more flavors, and I will seriously buy If your lips are dry and miserable, and you feel like you've tried everything there is - try this. LOVE!

You can find ChopSaver:
On Facebook HERE
On the website HERE
And in stores like CVS, etc.


(PS: This product was provided by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own!)

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