Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Candy Ice Cream Cone Polish by bornprettystore

Do you ever buy polish just for the cute bottle it comes in?

When bornprettystore asked me to pick some items for review, I was immediately drawn to the Candy Ice Cream Cone polish...just for the bottle! Seriously, how cute is this?


The Candy Ice Cream Cone polish comes in 12 different colors...I chose color 34, LOL. As with many bps items, the numbers and names are a bit odd, so these go by numbers. You can see all 12 HERE and they retail for about $4 each.

So how is the polish?  Honestly, I am impressed!


I only needed two coats for the swatches you see here, plus topcoat. The formula is creamy and perfectly thick - workable and stays right where you put it. There is no streaking or pulling and the dry time is fine. I looove the color, which is no surprise here.


Closeup time!


And one last bottle shot...I couldn't resist.


If you go to and use code MBHMK31, you'll get 10% off your order. That's in addition to bornprettystore's already very low prices AND free worldwide shipping.

Thank you for stopping by!


1 comment:

  1. So cute! And what a nice surprise that the polish is great too!
    Walmart had some polish in bottles that looked like rubber duckies at Xmas time. I bought all the colors because of the bottle! (Also they were only $1.) I haven't actually tried them yet though.


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