Friday, February 12, 2016

January 2016 - Favorite Beauty Products


I am still thinking about where I want the blog to go this year. I am pretty sure I want to expand into beauty products in general since I love trying new things, I've been doing my nails a bit less, and I am currently obsessed with Lush Cosmetics.

One series I want to keep up on from here out is a Monthly Favorites type of post. I apologize for my January post coming in mid-Feb, I'll try to be better, LOL. Better late than never, right?

This month I have no favorite polishes to post, only beauty products. Behold:


Let me tell you a little about each one.

First up, I purchased this Lush Cosmetics African Paradise Body Conditioner in a Lush Facebook group. I couldn't resist! It smells soft, like almonds and clean laundry and happiness, LOL. Body conditioners are my favorite Lush item. You use them like a hair conditioner. After you clean your body, you smooth this on and rinse it off before you hop out of the shower. It leaves your skin silky soft and fragrant.


You probably already know about my current mask obsession! Living back in Connecticut, my skin is totally boycotting this harsh winter weather. This very affordable (like under $3) mask is meant to be used overnight. You can rinse of excess in the morning if desired, but I don't. It smells pleasant and is nice and thick.


Another splurge product is a lip balm, Christian Dior's Creme De Rose balm. It is super hydrating and smells faintly of roses. The rose scent is strong enough that if you're not a fan, you will definitely steer clear of this one, but if you like the scent, you'll love this product. This is another product that I like to use at night and wake up with pillowy (see what I did there?) soft lips.


Last but not least, an indie product! Ten Digit Creations is new to me this month. It was suggested by my Lush group peers as they make amazing Lush Dupe scents. I purchased Most Wanted, a Rose Jam dupe, in leave in conditioner and body mist, two products that Lush doesn't offer. The scent is pretty close to spot on and I love supporting small businesses when possible.

Check out Ten Digit Creations HERE!


Alright, that is all I have for you this month. What do you think of this series? What products are you loving this month?


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