Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sinful Colors: Neon Splatter Nail Wraps

Has anyone seen these in stores?


I grabbed this package for, I think, under $3 during the summer months when Sinful also released those new (and not so great) neons. I bet these are to compete with Jamberry and all of the other full nail decals that are currently flooding the market. For the price, I had to try them!

Here is the full look:


The package boasts that these do not need heat or anything to seal them on. You simply pick the one that will fit your nail best and use tweezers to place them. You are supposed to just press them on the nail and then use clippers or a file to trim the free edge.

Sigh. Can I just cut to the chase and say I am not a fan?

Look how wrinkled the ends are:


Also, I have pretty normal to slightly thin nail beds but none of these were wide enough for my nails. There is a blank space on each side of each nail, too much for it to look on purpose or neat. See my middle finger? Especially bad fit there.


I wore them only for a couple days until I got frustrated and just peeled them off. I do not recommend these, unfortunately!

Have you tried them? Did you have a different experience?

Let me know!


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