Sunday, January 17, 2016

China Glaze 2015 Holiday Cheers Collection!

Hello there! Now that the holidays are over, I have a super busy January coming up. LOL, sometimes life just gets a little too chaotic. I am hoping to get back into a regular blogging schedule - and nail painting schedule - come February, but I am going to post a few sporadic posts to catch up with some press samples I have received.

Today I have the China Glaze Cheers collection, the 2015 holiday release. You can definitely still find these around, at Sallys, Ulta, even Rite Aid, so they are still relevant enough to show you. To get through my backlog of posts, I am going to post just one pic of each polish. Ready?

Mix and Mingle is a royal purple creme. Swatch shows two coats, no topcoat.


This is Brand Sparkin' New Year over Mix and Mingle. The base is tinted purple so I would layer it over something in the purple family or even black. I've seen swatches with no undies and it is a sheer jelly without a base.


Wine Down For What? is a maroon/wine creme polish. Application is great but watch out during removal - it stains!


Ugly Sweater Party is shown in two placed coats over Wine Down For What? It is similar too Brand Sparkin' in that it has a tinted base and looks best over a similar color.


Better Not Pout is a fuschia metallic. You probably already know how I feel about metallics that show streaks.


Bring On The Bubbly is a gold topper with a clear base, which means it looks good over everything. I am a firm believer that every polish lover (hoarder) needs an awesome gold topper for the holidays. This is shown over Better Not Pout. I should've picked a better base color.


Son of a Nutcracker is the least holiday feeling polish, in my opinion. This is a watermelon red with a pink shimmer that will look great with a tan!


Peppermint to Be is a red polish with shimmer. I feel like China Glaze includes a typical red with every holiday collection. This is not special to me but the application was nice.


I Soiree I Didn't Do It is a green tinted polish with green glitter. This is two coats over white. Obviously this has a tinted base so make sure to use it in the same color family. I wish this had more glitter payoff.


Coal Hands Warm Heart is a black glitter with black base. This is two coats over a black creme. This would be perfect for galaxy nails!


I have saved my favorite for last! Don't Get Elfed Up is a blackened teal glitter. This is just two coats and I got total coverage! This is a gorgeous polish.


Thank you for checking out this holiday collection a little late.


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