Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Zoya Holiday Matte Velvet 2015

Hello! Holidays are fast approaching and new polish collections are coming out. Today I have the 6 piece Zoya Matte Velvet collection for the 2015 holiday. Remember not to use a glossy topcoat to get the full matte effect.  Or, if you do use topcoat, you'll get a totally different look! I did topcoat a few of them to show you the difference. Ready?

Aspen is a snow white that needs 3 coats. I am a huge fan of a clean, white, crisp mani so this is a total win for me.



Sue is a neutral that is quite lovely. Zoya describes it as a 'champagne' color. You know I love a neutral so this is another winner for me.



Amal is a crimson that is opaque in just two coats.



Check out Amal with topcoat! It has such a gorgeous shine!


Yves is a sapphire blue that is opaque in two coats as well. Ooh...so...did you notice the bottle? Amal, Sue, and Aspen came crushed in my first package but Yves, Honor and Iris were still usable. Bottles look kind of pretty, don't they?!



I wasn't really buying the "sapphire" description until I added topcoat. It truly has a jewel toned quality to it when glossy.


Honor is a pine meets olive green. Zoya says 'emerald' green but again, I believe that their description matches the glossy look and not the matte.



See what I mean?


Last but not least, Iris is a lovely royal purple. Compared to the others, Iris shows brush strokes as you can see on my ring finger. Apply slowly and you should be able to avoid that.



Iris has a hidden shimmer that comes out to play with glossy topcoat.


I think this collection is a nice mix for the holidays. Jewel tones are pretty classic for this time of the year but the neutral and white additions make this collection fresh. My pick is Aspen since it was, to me, unexpected as a matte.

Which do you like the best?

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