Thursday, November 19, 2015

bornprettystore review: Flower Nail Art Water Decals Vine Nail Art Transfer Stickers

I am not sure why gives the longest names to their items, but today I have the "1pc Colorful Flower Nail Art Water Decals Vine Nail Art Transfer Stickers" to show you. In short: flower water slide decals, LOL.

 Here is the item I received:


 You can find it on the store site HERE. It is one of my favorite products so far!


Check it out:


 The base color is In A Lilly Bit by China Glaze. The application for the decals is easy, they are normal waterslide decals.

 In brief, peel off the front protective layer and then cut the decal as close to the design as possible. Submerge in water for about 10 seconds. The decal should slide away easily from the white backing. Use tweezers or your fingers to position the decal on the nail. Press down gently to adhere it and squish out the water from underneath. Give it a moment to dry then apply your topcoat.


 I love the colors in these decals and they are a good quality product. Often, with cheap water slides, you can tear up the design when you add like smears and drags. These are perfect even after topcoat! Last look:


Thank you for stopping by! Don't forget to use code MBHMK31 for 10% from your order. Shipping is free no matter how much you spend, which makes it practically guilt free to try something new.


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