Tuesday, October 13, 2015

China Glaze: The Great Outdoors Collection - Fall 2015

Hello lovelies!

I was taking time off the blog to see if I could put my time to better/more productive use and try to get my life in order. Short lived experiment. I am still not sure what to do with myself so, in the meantime, back to blogging it is!

If you follow me on Instagram - @MyBoyfriendHatesMakeup - you will notice that I've still been polishing my nails and posting manis there. What that means here is that I have a glut of photos that haven't been posted in blog form. Oooops.

In order to clear out some of my backlog (as in, 7 pages of Flickr stored photos) I am going to do an abbreviated post here and just post ONE picture of each polish. I hope that's OK with y'all.


Here is the Fall 2015 China Glaze collection called The Great Outdoors. You can find CG on their page, Ulta, Sally's, and even random places like Jot Lot, and, oddly enough, my local Rite Aid. TGO collection is a mix of glitters, cremes, and duochromes. We see you, CG!!

I am going to separate these out, sort of by the finish. First, something we don't always see from CG - duochromes:


Gone Glamping is a gold to green color changing polish. In general, I dislike the metallic streakiness of duochromes in general. The changes in this one are subtle but pretty. I feel like OPI did something similar a few years ago. Application was fine, this took 3 thin coats:


Pondering is a purple to forest green color changer that didn't really do it for me. I see purple in most lights but you can see a hint of green in the bottle and by the cuticles of my nails.


Last but not least, this is Cabin Fever. This is my favorite of the three and I think the duochrome is most pronounced here, flashing gold to red to pink to even a little green. I dislike the visible brush strokes but I like the unique flashes of color.


Next up, this is a group of glitters and foils.


Let's Dew It is a clear based glitter topper with blue and purple glitters. It also has some tiny silver microglitters that seem holo in certain lights. My swatches show 3 coats with no base.


Wood You Wanna? is a surprise favorite for me. The beautiful shade of brown compliments my skintone and the application was flawless. I will pick this one up over and over.


Check Out The Silver Fox is China Glaze's nod to Anderson Cooper, LOL. It has the same application as WYW? but it a lighter silver color. Nice!


The other half of the 12 piece collection are finishes you are accustomed to by China Glaze: cremes!


Free Bear Hugs is a super dark, almost black, cherry red creme. The first coat of this polish was a hot streaky messss and I was quite worried. The second coat was OK but you'll need a third, thin, coat to vamp this up and give it depth.


Change Your Altitude is a lovely grey creme with a fabulous application. Reminds me of a pelican...LOL. Two coats to perfection with this baby.


Sleeping Under The Stars is a lovely blurple with pink shimmer. The shimmer doesn't jump off the nails, but instead of pretty subtle and lovely. The formula is great and you'll just need two coats.


My Lodge Or Yours? is a putty meets mauve color with a two coat creme formula. It isn't the most unique color going but it's nice to have in any collection.


Take A Hike is a lush forest green with a great formula. This is two coats with topcoat. Again, you may have something similar, but if not, this is a quality polish.


S'More Fun is the surprise color in the pack. Not sure how this lemon meets lime bottle of Gatorade color fits in, but I love it! This is three thin coats to cover completely. This color is definitely fun!


There you have it!! I am sure you have seen these swatches by now, or picked up a few already, but I do apologize for the single photo blog post. I'll catch up soon!

Thank you for sticking by me.

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