Thursday, October 15, 2015

Barielle: Mirror, Mirror - Fall 2015 Collection

If Barielle is not on your radar, you need to adjust it immediately! Barielle is quickly becoming one of my favorite mainstream brands. The creme formulas are quite lovely and the price point can't be beat. If you follow their Facebook or Instagram or hop on their mailing list, you'll get notifications of PENNY sales! Yup! Items are often sold for a penny (with 4.95 shipping, LOL), but still, under $5 shipped to try a new brand is so worth it.

I received the Fall 2015 collection, Mirror Mirror, to swatch for you. These are not necessarily fall colors...but I never wear of-the-season colors anyway, but they are classic colors that you need in your collection.

Ready? Group shot!


First up, this dusty teal is called Ribbons & Lace. Since my name is Lacey, I think that makes me automatically like this color, haha. In general, this collection is full of amazing, smooth, practically apply themselves, two coater cremes that dry fairly shiny.  This shows 2 coats, no topcoat.


Silk Stockings is a gorgeous your-skintone-but-better nude creme. I cannot have enough of these shades! This formula is perfection, shown here in two coats and no topcoat.


Blushing Beauty is the most sheer of the group and shown here in three coats. You can see by my visible nail line that it could've used a fourth coat. The formula was a little runny and on the thin side compared to the other creamier cremes.


Pretty Women is the most "fall" to me. It is a deep periwinkle that is a dream to apply. Shown here in two coats with no topcoat.


Feathered Slippers is the most amazing formula! This was the first one I swatched and I literally sat here, turning my hand over and over and looking at the swatch. It pretty much needs one coat but I used two coats with no topcoat for these swatches.


My favorite of these 5 is Feathered Slippers due to the superior formula.

Barielle sells their "Color Collections," in packs of 5 like you see here, for just $25 or individuals for $8 each. Barielle is celebrating it's 40th anniversary this year so the sales are even better than usual. In addition to polish, the catalog has a huge variety of nail strengtheners and nail car products because the brand (with it's equestrian logo) was started as a company for horses hoof strengtheners. As someone who has horses at home and who uses Mane&Tail products in her hair, this is a brand and logo I can definitely get behind. (If my allergies weren't so horrible, I could actually get ON a horse again, sigh!!).

Check out Barielle on their website - - to sign up for the newsletter. You will be psyched you did!


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