Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Birthday Mani From August 2015!! (Ombre/floral pic-torial!)

Um...I forgot to post my own birthday mani! Bad, bad blogger!!!!!!

How about we start with the finished product and then I will work backwards:


My birthday was August 4 and I turned *gulp* 32. What better way to celebrate than with something girly, bright, and floral? I used 3 SinfulColor polishes, WhiteBoard, Pink Smart, and Over It.

I started with a good base and then painted my nails about 3/4ths white.


Because I am a lazy nail artist, I then used Over It for the other portion of my nails:


Lastly, I used Pink Smart in the middle and a cosmetic sponge to blend the 3 colors together:


My decals came from This was a great item I got for review, it came with 10 designs of strips. Each strip has 12 decals so you can pick and choose for what will fit your finger best.


They are sticky decals. They are NOT waterslide! So, just use your tweezer to peel from the backing and apply on your nail. Top with clearcoat and you're good to go.


2015-08-04 09.21.48

Last look:


Thank you for stopping by! I had a wonderful birthday this year and these nails really helped cheer up the already happy time.


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