Thursday, September 10, 2015

Black Dahlia Lacquer: Twilight Orchid

Black Dahlia Lacquer is a fairly new indie brand but wow, have they come out with some beauties!

Exhibit A:



This is Twilight Orchid, which was a mystery polish with purchase over the 2014 Holidays (I think...may have been a little after).  I do not believe it is available now, but it is so pretty and worth sharing.



This is three thin coats of Twilight Orchid.  BD polishes can be very complex with their mixes and therefore very interesting on the nail.  This is a blue jelly base with tons of light blue, dark blue and gold glitters.  The formula is wonderful, not thick at all.  The polish dries smooth but I added a topcoat for these pics.


There is no fishing since the glitters are pretty much the same size throughout. The added holo sparkle makes this baby just glow in sunlight.  Dry time is average, if not a touch longer than average, since it is a glitter bomb.  Waiting between coats ensures no snagging or pulling.


Come a little closer to see the micro glitter and the depth of this polish!


Lovely, isn't it?  If you spot this baby in blog sales, I strongly suggest you snatch it right up!

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